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About Us

My name is Marian Adejokun and I am the founder of B-ROYAL Christian Clothing Brand. 

B-Royal stands for “Royalty”We STAND as  Kings & Queens who “Believe in Ourselves & Follow Our Dreams”. The story behind my brand I believe brings a positive message in today's society. Christian Youthful Clothing Brand.

B-Royal is based on 1 Peter 2:9

‘B-Royal’ represents “You and I “we are royalty; my demographic is aimed at all ages, male and female; from all ethnicities. ‘B-Royal’ apparel is a Christian Urban Street Wear, which key business goal is to deliver ‘good quality’ T-Shirts, Hoodies, Hats, Tote bag at an ‘affordable cost’ for the consumers. The garments should last for a long time, machine washable without the color running and logo fading away. Also, for the garments to be comfortable to wear and durable. ’B-Royal’ vision and story serve as its foundation ‘B-Royal’ aims to make their consumers feel different emotionally and psychologically (positive feeling, when wearing ‘B-Royal’). The notable features on this brand are the bold colored texts and the logo design which is eye catching from a distance. 

‘B-Royal’ was inspired by my faith (Christianity) and encouraged to make my dreams a reality which is this brand. Due to my life transforming story…. I wanted to use my story as a tool and turn it into something empowering and most importantly giving youths a “voice” but more so giving them hope to “Believe in themselves and Follow their Dreams”.

Being a Christian I have seen an opportunity in the market for such clothing and other items to be created by a young person like myself; who has been labelled by medical professionals as “disabled” since birth. Many would see my life story as negative because of what I have gone through, however I see it as a positive thing because I am alive to share my story and also inco-operate this through my brand.

I want to create a brand where faith and clothing can be combined together through clothing or other accessories. More so I don’t want ‘B-Royal’ to be like other brands, I don’t want to follow a trend but be the trend.